About Us

With proper planning businesses can utilize their surplus funds through multiple laters of savings so as to meet their cash flow requirements and also generate returns for their idle funds.

Unlike many other online wealth management platforms that took shape as business ideas of IIT/IIM graduates, Siege Consultancy was founded by financial advisors who decided to leverage the growing market for online wealth management and financial advisory to reach out to the wider masses. 

The Essential SIP Checklist

Choose Wisely

You can do two thing with your money when it comes to investments. Have fund or have growth. Mostly, you can't have both. A boring investment (like mutual funds) can reward you well over medium to long term. On the contrary, certain investments can give you a lot of adrenaline rush but it most likely won’t make you money. Many investors know this. Still, the excitement and fund takes over their emotions and they are not able to reap the maximum reward which proper asset allocation and the right investment product can offer. It is time, you should reflect upon your own priorities.

How much should i get ?

A new investor recently met me and asked how much returns he will get if he invests a certain amound of money in mutual funds. I told him it depends on him, not me. And he was quite amused as he thought i should know because i am the person who will suggest to him the right investment products which can yield good returns. I explained to him that the investment world is dynamic and things change from time to time. Sometimes, there is euphoria in the market place, and yet there are times when everything seems to be going down. If you follow asset allocation, stay disciplined in your investment journey you can expect a better return. However, if you get excited or panic with every news (good or bad), it could affect the portfolio negatively. The right product does matter but it is the investor behavior that is the key to investment returns.

The First Priciple

Many investors have lost far too much money due to investments in products that they don’t understand. The first principle of a sound investment is to have a full understanding of the product and whether you are comfortable with it or not. Yes, investors should take professional help, but still; they should never blindly invest anywhere and everywhere. It is ultimately their money and so they must understand in detail before making investment decisions. It is better to ignore a complicated product with a higher possible return and rather choose something which you can handle well. Remember; not losing money is the foundation of making money.